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Mercedes-Benz ReManufactured Genuine Parts

Not reconditioned, not refurbished…Fully re-manufactured to our stringent quality standards, to keep businesses moving for up to 50% less, Mercedes-Benz ReMan GenuineParts are identical alternatives to the latest new GenuineParts. All ReMan GenuineParts are disassembled, inspected, and put back together with components replaced to restore them to the exact same standards as new Mercedes-Benz GenuineParts.

Benefits At A Glance

  • Cost savings of up to 50%.
  • New GenuineParts quality thanks to the same stringent Mercedes-Benz methods, specification, engineering and testing.
  • Designed to fit first time and save time.
  • Consistent with all Mercedes-Benz GenuineParts, ReMan alternatives benefit from the same market leading manufacturer warranty cover.
  • Sustainable and offering environmental benefits – like a CO2 reducing, climate-conserving re-manufactured gearbox.

ReMan Plus

Why should you have to pay more for an engine or transmission that only has slight damage? The Reman Plus programme has been developed to offer prices which fairly reflect the extent of the damage and how quickly you require a replacement. With three delivery speeds available, if your engine or transmission can wait a little longer to be repaired, you will pay less, which could mean a little damage could add up to a big saving for your business.
Genuine Mercedes-Benz Parts
Mercedes-Benz Parts

Other Types of ‘Service Exchange’ Parts

  • Reconditioned Parts– the operation of reconditioning can sometimes involve the removal of rust and replacing deteriorated components, but the tests performed for this are quick, and the part is not always fully disassembled. Consequently, the longevity of these parts cannot be guaranteed.
  • Repaired Parts – typically, a part that has been repaired has previously become worn and made functional again by replacing the failed components where needed. Other elements of the part are not necessarily tested or inspected, therefore the durability and reliability of such parts cannot be specified.
  • Recycled Parts– these consist of previously used or salvage parts that remain in an acceptable condition to be utilised. However, there is no guarantee on how well the part works, nor for how long.

For more information on Mercedes-Benz ReMan GenuineParts please feel free to give us call or submit an enquiry using the link below.

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