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Roadside Assistance Service

Sometimes, the worst does happen and should your truck unexpectedly fail, no matter what time of day, or where you are, Mercedes-Benz Service24h is available 365 days a year to get you moving again.

We Won't Leave You Stranded

Our qualified Roadside Technicians work round the clock to keep your business running no matter what time of the day, 365 days a year with round the clock assistance throughout the UK and Europe.

To request Service24h for your Mercedes-Benz Truck from the UK and abroad please dial: 00800 5777 7777.

To request Service24h for your FUSO Canter from the UK and abroad please dial: 00800 4041 4243

If you're unable to dial the above freephone number please dial: +44 (0) 207 660 9992.

Late Night Roadside Assistance
Roadside Service

What Do We Do?

Should a call come through to our Customer Assistance Centre (CAC), all details of the customer’s breakdown management system are recorded, and the most appropriate, nearby S24h Technician will be selected. Our S24h Technicians can access all information regarding the breakdown using their smartphones, which they then use to pass on an estimated time of arrival to the CAC team in real-time, who then relay that to the customer. The Technician continues to provide real-time updates to the CAC (arrival at the scene, diagnosis and repair details) right up until the vehicle is back on the road.

All new Mercedes-Benz and FUSO Canter trucks will be covered by our 24h roadside assistance and/or recovery team for the first year, but please be aware this is only if your vehicle is stranded at the roadside, and/or cannot be started, and caused by a technical defect covered under warranty. Of course, the support does not end for Truck drivers in need of roadside assistance after the first year, however this will be based on a pay-on-use basis.