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Truck Safety

For more than 45 years Mercedes-Benz have been focusing on new innovative ways to achieve greater safety on our road networks for trucks, their drivers, as well as everybody else. We are proud to offer state of the art safety technology that is far ahead of its time, and one of these pioneering safety features invented by Mercedes-Benz, is the revolutionary Active Brake Assist.

Active Break Assist 4

Active Brake Assist is a system able to detect objects and reduce the results of an accident by causing the vehicle to automatically brake if necessary.

How Does It Work?

A radar monitors the surrounding road traffic environment, and when an object is detected, visual and audible warnings are given to the driver. If these warnings are not responded to promptly, partial braking of up to 50% is applied to give the driver time to act or stop whilst trying to avoid an accident.

Active Brake Assist 4 comes as standard on most models of Mercedes-Benz trucks, and is the first technology in the world with the ability to detect pedestrians. Take a look at this short video which showcases the impressive Active Break Assist system in action.

More Safety Innovations

Mercedes-Benz regard themselves as true spearheads in innovative safety technology. There are a range of other state of the art optional safety features available for certain models. Some of these include:

Mirror Cam

The conventional rear-view mirror is replaced with this aerodynamic mirror cam which saves fuel and significantly improves visibility.

Active Drive Assist

Optionally available for certain Actros trucks, this driving assistance system helps the driver to maintain a safe distance from traffic ahead, as well as to stay in the centre of the lane.

Sideguard Assist

This Optionally available system provides visual and audible warnings upon detection of objects in the warning zone on the right, or the tracking pattern in particular situations. This helps the driver particularly with lane changing or cornering.

For more about which safety options are available for your truck, get in touch with one of our expert sales advisors today by giving us a call or submitting an enquiry above.

Mirror Cam