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Mercedes-Benz Uptime

Mercedes-Benz Uptime

Mercedes-Benz Uptime is a revolutionary technology that’s defining new standards with intelligent connectivity of the vehicle. The state of the art telediagnosis system constantly monitors the status of the vehicle in real time, which significantly prevents breakdowns, reduces workshop downtime and increases vehicle availability. Powered by Fleetboard and available for application on particular models, Uptime gives us the ability to detect critical conditions at an early stage and provide appropriate instructions if need be. Mercedes-Benz, making the unplanned, planned.

Real Time Support for Customer Repairs

Without the right maintenance given to your truck in a timely fashion, your vehicle has a higher risk of breakdown. The Mercedes-Benz Uptime portal provides timely diagnostic information regarding minor repairs that can be completed at a time and a workshop that is convenient for you.

Efficient Management of Repair and Maintenance Work

Early detected repair and maintenance requirements are reported to your Mercedes-Benz Dealer, so the Service Partner will use this information to group the pending maintenance work and get in touch to book your vehicle in. The workshop can then prepare in good time for your visit, ordering the necessary parts, scheduling other tasks and producing your repair offer. Overall, visits to the workshop and associated downtime are minimal.

Prevention Of Breakdowns

If your truck is likely to break down, you will immediately be contacted by the Mercedes-Benz Customer Assistance Centre, who will help to arrange a workshop appointment tailored to the route and assignments of the driver. They will also double check that the necessary parts are in stock depending on your vehicle’s diagnostics so they can repair the truck right away, preventing a breakdown later on.

Mercedes-Benz Uptime Price List

For more information about Mercedes-Benz Uptime, please get in touch with one of our expert Sales Executives today.