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Predictive Powertrain Control

Mercedes-Benz Predicitive Powertrain Control

Predictive Powertrain Control is yet another fuel saving innovation exclusively from Mercedes-Benz. Approaching the hill, on top of the hill, coasting down the hill, in dips or on the flat, predictive Powertrain Control constantly monitors your truck’s kinetic energy and uses it just at the right moment.

This impressive technology has the ability to identify forthcoming driving situations and take anticipatory action. Predictive Powertrain Control helps to reduce fuel consumption by up to 5% with a reduction in engine drag, and the automatic adaptation of shift sequences to the driving situation, resulting in less gear changes and larger gear steps. What’s more, this incredible system is not only usable on motorways but on A and B roads alike, so you save fuel no matter what road you go down.

Predictive Powertrain control now comes fit as standard to all new Mercedes-Benz trucks. If you would like to know more about this impressive feature and how it applies to your vehicle, then please get in touch with one of our expert advisors today.