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Mercedes Benz & FUSO

Mercedes-Benz offer superior warranties to match your equally superior new Mercedes-Benz or FUSO truck. Your truck is sure to be safe and secure under our cover, and you can rest assured knowing any work carried out under warranty will be completed by a qualified, hardworking technicians. For more information on warranty for your new Mercedes-Benz truck, please download the bespoke warranty guide relevant to your vehicle below.

What Is Covered By Warranty?

The warranty for your truck protects you against any failures in the vehicle which are the result of manufacturing defects in material or workmanship which may have occurred in the building process. We are there to support you and your vehicle right from day one, so we fully accept responsibility for items that are ours. Naturally, however, the warranty for your truck does not cover any non-approved modifications, accessories or bodywork applied after the vehicle’s manufacture, failure to follow guidelines on servicing, maintenance and payload capacity, vandalism, or environmental issues such as storms and floods. For more information regarding what is and isn’t covered by the warranty on your truck, please feel free to give us a call.

Do I Have To Pay?

If the defect has occurred within the warranty period, and it is confirmed the defect occurred during the manufacture process, then all costs will be covered by us here at S & B Commercials and Orwell Truck & Van, including the price of parts and labour. Any warranty work must be completed by an authorised Mercedes-Benz repairer and we can guarantee that only Mercedes-Benz genuine parts will be used to repair your truck.

Unfortunately, we cannot cover any incidental costs that may arise such as time, inconvenience or loss of business earnings, but we aim to get your vehicle back on the road as soon as possible. Additionally costs which arise relating to standard servicing and maintenance, road accident damage and wear and tear are not covered by warranty.

Black Mercedes-Benz Truck

Download your bespoke vehicle warranty guide in PDF format below.

Warranty Extensions For Your Mercedes-Benz Truck

Two warranty extensions available for your Mercedes-Benz Truck which provide cover for up to an extra 5 years, covering 800,000 km.

Mercedes-Benz Extend

This is the warranty extension available for the powertrain protecting the most important elements of your truck all round. This is great reliable cover which helps to prevent unexpected repair costs.

Mercedes-Benz ExtendPlus

This is the warranty extension available to cover the entire vehicle, covering an extensive range of parts and part groups with the powertrain included. Mercedes-Benz ExtendPlus offers protection and cost transparency on predictable and attractive terms.

Warranty Extensions For Your FUSO Canter

​There are two warranty extensions available for your FUSO Canter which provide cover for up to an extra 5 years, covering 450,000 km.  

FUSO Extend

This is the warranty extension for your powertrain, providing all round cover for your truck’s most important components and reliable protection against unexpected repair costs.  

FUSO ExtendPlus

This is the warranty extension for your entire vehicle, providing cover for a wide range of parts and parts groups for your truck inclusive of the powertrain. This service gives you protection and cost transparency on attractive terms.

if you would like to know more about our optional Warranty Extension services please complete the enquiry form below.

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