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To request roadside assistance from the UK: Call 00800 3777 7777 or +44(0) 207 660 9991
From mainland Europe: Call +44(0) 207 660 9991

MobiloVan Service

Dedicated roadside assistance to keep businesses moving

Because the worst sometimes happens, there's MobiloVan. If your van was registered after 1 October 2012 and suffers a technical breakdown that renders it immobile, you can call MobiloVan 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from anywhere within the UK and Europe.

A trained Mercedes-Benz technician will arrive within 60 minutes on average, in a van stocked with diagnostic equipment solely designed for Mercedes-Benz vans and carrying Mercedes-Benz GenuineParts. He or she will do everything in their power to get your van back on the road as fast as possible - and as long as the breakdown meets eligibility criteria there's no call-out charge, labour charge or recovery fee.

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MobiloVan Roadside Service
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How do you qualify for MobiloVan?

To qualify for cover, your van must have been serviced regularly as outlined in the vehicle handbook. If it's still in its warranty period, the vehicle services can be carried out anywhere, but if you want to extend your MobiloVan cover beyond your 3-year warranty period, your last scheduled service must have been carried out by an authorised Mercedes-Benz Dealer.

You don't have to be a business user to benefit from MobiloVan - all Mercedes-Benz van owners benefit from our commitment to keeping things moving.

Wherever you are, you're covered.

MobiloVan covers you for breakdowns anywhere in the UK and across Europe.

Once you have contacted MobiloVan, a fully trained Technician will attend and where possible, fix the issue at roadside. If they can't repair it there and then, they’ll recover your vehicle to the nearest Mercedes-Benz approved workshop for repair, where you’ll be given a range of options to keep you on the road.

Important Information

Should you need to contact MobiloVan, please follow the below steps. You can call MobiloVan from anywhere in the UK or mainland Europe, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Please include the following data so that we can provide support as quickly as possible: Vehicle details (VIN and License Plate), Owner/company details, symptom description and location of the breakdown. The Service 24 Hour colleagues will contact you if further details are required.

To request roadside assistance from the UK

Call 00800 3777 7777 or +44(0) 207 660 9991

From mainland Europe

Call +44(0) 207 660 9991

Breakdown support for customers with hearing impairments is provided via the following email address:hls.gbr@cac.mercedes-benz.com