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The New Actros In Distribution

With its state of the art safety technology, striking design and superior performance, the New Actros is more than capable to meet the demands of the distribution industry. Whether you are a driver or a fleetboard manager, the New Actros is sure to impress as its interior has been optimised for driver comfort and economic efficiency is a virtue that this prestige truck has been proven to demonstrate in its daily use.
Mercedes-Benz Actros In Distribution Front Exterior
Mercedes-Benz Actros In Distribution Seat
Mercedes-Benz Actros In Distribution Front Interior
Mercedes-Benz Actros In Distribution Mirror


​The New Actros has 17 different cab variants to choose from, a range of seat designs for driver fitness and comfort, and a clear distinction between driver workspace and rest space. This helps to promote driver productivity and counteract fatigue. Setting new standards in driver safety, you will see and be seen more with features such as the revolutionary mirror cam, which replaces wing mirrors with cameras and significantly improves visibility (particularly with lane changing and turning corners), as well as a fusion of typical high beam headlamps and a new light signature provide the New Actros with a striking look that will surely turn heads both day and night.


The New Actros can take you further for less with a package of measures to optimise aerodynamics. From the mirror cam, to a longer rear axle, as well as the new Predictive Powertrain Control which now comes as standard on the New Actros, it has been tried and tested that fuel consumption for this truck can be reduced by up to 5%. While the New Actros is more economical than ever, that does not mean it is less powerful. With 6 cylinder in-line engines and a maximum torque of up to 3000, you are guaranteed to achieve a stellar performance and thus more profitability with the New Actros by your side.


The New Actros comes with a comprehensive scope of safety features as standard including, the innovative MirrorCam, Traffic Sign Assist, Active Drive Assist, and the fifth generation of Active Break Assist. All safety features aim to counteract fatigue and ease the driver workload which significantly promotes driver productivity in the distribution industry. There are other optional features available too to further enhance the drive, so please get in touch with one of our expert sales advisors today to find out more.
Mercedes-Benz Technician
White Mercedes-Benz Actros In Distribution Front Exterior
Mercedes-Benz Actros In Distribution Front Interior View

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