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New Actros Haulage

In Long Distance Haulage

​Regarded as a truck that’s ahead of its time, the New Actros has been expertly crafted to meet the ever-evolving demands of long distance distribution haulage. Whether you are a fleet board manager or driver, the New Actros is sure to impress with pioneering technology and safety features that have set new bench marks in road efficiency and driver comfort that has not previously been achieved. This astutely configured vehicle has been tried, tested, and proven to be suitable for virtually any operation involved with long distance haulage.
Mercedes-Benz Actros In Long Distance By Docks

Mercedes-Benz Actros In Long Distance Seats
Mercedes-Benz Actros In Long Distance Front Interior
Mercedes-Benz Actros In Long Distance Mirrors


The unprecedented design of the New Actros encourages driver productivity and counteracts fatigue with its clear distinction between work and living space, multimedia cockpit and innovative safety features that are now fitted as standard to all models. An example of this is ‘MirrorCam’ (literally replacing mirrors with cameras) which significantly improves visibility and aerodynamics, and this truck is the first series production truck in the world to have this feature on-board. Vast stowage space and more comfortable mattresses, combined with a productive workspace means that both time spent at the wheel and away from it in the New Actros are equally comfortable and convenient. A range of cab and roof variants make for a versatile truck that can be tailored to whichever end-use deployment you need to succeed in the long distance haulage industry. 


Bearing driver productivity in mind, specialist driving systems and features such as an electric parking brake have been implemented to ease driver load and increase vehicle usage. Specifically coordinated drivetrain configurations with 12-speed automated gearshift and a weight optimised final-drive ratio provide excellent and reliable driveability. The New Actros also achieves up to 5% less fuel consumption with standard features such as ‘Predictive Powertrain Control’ which helps saves fuel on motorways, A and B roads, and city streets alike. Different drive programs are available in this truck which further enhances its outstanding performance by offering flexibility in challenging situations common to long distance haulage such as hill starts.


The New Actros comes with a comprehensive scope of safety features as standard including, the innovative MirrorCam, Traffic Sign Assist, Active Drive Assist, and the fifth generation of Active Break Assist. All safety features aim to counteract fatigue and ease the driver workload which significantly promotes driver productivity in the long distance haulage industry. There are other optional features available too to further enhance the drive, so please get in touch with one of our expert sales advisors today to find out more.
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White Mercedes-Benz Actros In Long Distance Front Exterior
Mercedes-Benz Actros In Long Distance Front Interior View

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