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Mercedes-Benz Arocs In Construction

​Durable, reliable and robust, the Arocs has the right answer for practically every task, and every segment within the construction industry. With a starting gross vehicle weight of 18 tonnes, the Arocs is a true powerhouse within the industry and is able to cope with any driving situation. With practical features manufactured exclusively by Mercedes Benz, you can trust that your truck has been designed specifically for the particular requirements of construction transport.
Mercedes-Benz Arocs In Construction Front Exterior
Mercedes-Benz Arocs In Construction Front
Mercedes-Benz Arocs In Construction Front Interior
The Mercedes-Benz Arocs In Construction Side View


​Whether you require a semitrailor tractor, platform vehicle, concrete mixer or heavy duty tipper the Arocs is diverse and adaptable enough to deliver a solution to your working needs both on and off the road. The comfort cabs are optimised for easing the load on the driver, even when tackling extreme terrain. Especially designed to be robust with a high load bearing capacity, the Arocs is tough enough to meet any challenge that arises in construction site haulage, which is reflected in the powerful and athletically designed durable cab shells. With flexible entry pivoting, a rugged interior, and specialist component protection features, the vehicle is resilient against damage and so helps to cope with the vigorous requirements of an active construction site as well as prevent unnecessary repair costs.


The fuel efficient 6 cylinder in-line engines feature outputs ranging from 240-630 bhp, providing the power you need to complete your daily operations. The drive system, chassis, suspension and frame form an efficient working team for achieving the best possible traction and steering-ability on the road, construction site or even extreme terrain. When pulling away and maneuvering with high combination weights and torque levels, the wear free turbo retarder clutch offers the maximum stability, which is just another feature that eases the load on the driver. The Arocs is also a natural when it comes to large approach or departure angles, so you can carry these difficult maneuvers out with ease as the vehicle is specially optimised for ground clearance.


Safety is key on a construction site, which is why the new Arocs is built to protect. In addition to the basics, such as a driver’s airbag and Stability Control Assist, there are measures such as Attention Assist, which monitors your driving and warns you to take a break when it detects signs of fatigue. Various Active Brake Assist options are available dependent on model, delivering complete peace of mind on every journey through evaluating the traffic ahead and monitoring your distance from the vehicle in front.
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Mercedes-Benz Arocs In Construction Front Exterior
Mercedes-Benz Arocs In Construction Front Interior View

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