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Mercedes-Benz Atego In Construction

Robust, reliable and durable, whichever vehicle configuration you require to succeed in your business, the Atego impressively delivers across the board, just as you would expect from Mercedes-Benz. Ranging from 7.5 tonnes to 16 tonnes, you can trust this truck to cater to your needs within the light duty sector of the construction world. The Atego offers a broad scope of equipment, making easier work of the more complicated tasks encountered during the working day, proving that it is a true specialist in the construction industry, no matter what sector you make your money in.

Mercedes-Benz Atego In Construction Unloading
Mercedes-Benz Atego In Construction Front Interior Exterior
Mercedes-Benz Atego In Construction Front Exterior HeadLights
Mercedes-Benz Atego In Construction Exterior View Of Unloading


Mercedes-Benz are mindful that vehicle requirements within the construction industry vary, but the Atego covers virtually every possibility with regards to body mounting ability.  With specially designed application-based cockpit variants, an ergonomically designed workplace, an impressive arrangement of stowage facilities, along with improved handling ability thanks to job-matched equipment options, your Atego truck is not only efficient in getting the job done, but ensures your comfort in the process. What’s more, the Atego is compatible with both on-road and off-road functionalities, with optional application-tailored features such as protective headlamp grilles.


More fuel efficient, more power, more torque, the Atego engine system is impressive on delivery but low in consumption. The ever reliable 4 and 6 cylinder in-line engines still offer the optimal power you need for completing your operations, even at low engine speeds. Manually selectable driving modes and auxiliary functions are available which are closely oriented to your type of application to make driving easier in particular road conditions. For example, your vehicle can be set to an all-wheel drive mode to cope with off-road conditions at the mere switch of a button


Safety measures throughout the new Mercedes-Benz Atego have been designed to help keep you and other road users protected. Stability Control Assist, for example, will look to maintain stability of the vehicle should you be forced to skid or swerve, adjusting the engine torque, power supply, and braking accordingly. There is also an optional driver’s airbag to help mitigate the severity of any collisions that occur.
Mercedes-Benz Atego In Construction Front Exterior
White Mercedes-Benz Atego In Construction Front Exterior
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