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New FUSO Canter 3.5t

The Urban Operator, the FUSO Canter 3.5t is one of the leading vehicles in its sector, due to its low maintenance, multiple applications, and great fuel economy. What’s more, you can drive this vehicle on a standard UK licence with no special training needed.

We also have an excellent range of bodied vehicles currently in stock which are available for immediate delivery.

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White Canter 3.5t Front View
Canter 3.5t Front Interior
Canter 3.5t Front Exterior
Canter 3.5t Front Interior View


The Canter 3.5t is perfect for driving and working in the crowded city streets of Britain. With cabs optimised for comfort, they are very spacious with single or crew options available. It also sports the longest body length in its segment (up to 95cm longer than our competitors), so you can be assured there’s plenty of room for the crew, tools and materials of your trade. It has the smallest turning circle in its class, meaning it can go practically anywhere a van can – just with a better payload.


The Canter 3.5t features a 3 litre engine and outputs up to 150bhp. The engine is chain driven, with other handy features that make this truck low maintenance and fuel efficient. As the most heavy duty truck within its sector, you get the maximum performance to suit your needs at a low cost. Euro6 compliant, this vehicle is economical and kinder to our environment than ever before.


An innovative safety concept called RISE (realised impact safety evolution), designed by and only available with FUSO has been implemented, with a strengthened cab structure and reinforced doors is designed for keeping you safer than ever before in the event of a collision.
FUSO Canter Service Contracts
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Truck Servicing & Repairs

Take a look at our FUSO Canter service contracts, how we can help if you break down, gain more information about ATF and MOT testing, and more. 

Truck Servicing & Repairs

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FUSO Canter Finance Offers

Are you ready to find your next perfect business partner? We've just made it that bit easier with Mercedes-Benz Finance.

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White Canter 3.5t Front Exterior View