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New Mercedes-Benz Antos

Whatever your line of work, the Mercedes-Benz Antos helps to ensure you complete your daily tasks effectively and efficiently. With comfortable cabs, responsive engines and Euro 6 compliancy, this is a truck that will make working a breeze.

Mercedes-Benz Antos
Mercedes-Benz Antos Front Exterior
Mercedes-Benz Antos Front View
Two Mercedes-Benz Antos


The beauty of the new Antos is its wide range of options. Not only can you choose between CompactSpace and ClassicSpace cabs, there’s also a selection of maximum payloads and volumes so you can make the most of each trip.

Inside, the truck has been optimised for driver comfort, with wider seats that provide an increased adjustment range and a heating and air conditioning system to keep you at the perfect temperature. Meanwhile, the practical workstation is centred around the driver, with the controls operated by the multifunction steering wheel and secondary controls within easy reach.


No fewer than four engine displacements and 16 power ratings are available with the new Mercedes-Benz Antos. Ranging from 238hp to 625hp, each is designed to offer improved fuel efficiency, high levels of torque and outstanding reliability. A selection of wheel configurations is also on offer, as well as a choice between left-hand and right-hand drive, so you can accommodate drivers across multiple territories.


Whether it’s monitoring your driving to determine when you need to take a break or maintaining stability on the road, the Antos is constantly working to ensure you remain safe. A raft of systems help you stay centred in your lane, avoid potential collisions and more so that you and your cargo get to the destination in one piece.
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White Mercedes-Benz Antos Front Exterior
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