How Can The Mercedes-Benz Arocs Benefit My Business?

New Mercedes-Benz Arocs

Robust and powerful yet efficient, the new Mercedes-Benz Arocs is a rising force in the construction industry. Building on the manufacturer’s expertise in such vehicles, the new model offers a high-torque, dependable drive to suit the specific demands of this sector.

Mercedes-Benz Arocs Profile
Mercedes-Benz Arocs Back
Mercedes-Benz Arocs Front


The four different cab styles are designed to provide easy access, excellent visibility and superior comfort. Whether you choose the aerodynamic StreamSpace option, which maximises living space and storage, or the CompactSpace with its minimal height, you’re guaranteed a relaxed experience.

Wide seats finished in a selection of materials support you throughout your journey, while intelligent storage spaces keep your devices safe and your water bottle within reach. With precise, user-friendly controls and switches too, it delivers a focused working environment.


Four engine displacements, ranging from 7.7-litre to 15.6-litre, are available with a total of 16 possible power ratings. Each delivers fuel savings of up to 4% compared to previous iterations, making them compliant with the strict Euro 6 emissions standards. The Mercedes-Benz Arocs also comes with a high-strength, flexible chassis frame to cope with the demands of off-road work. 

Mercedes-Benz Arocs Interior
Mercedes-Benz Arocs Seats
Mercedes-Benz Arocs Navigation


Safety is key on a construction site, which is why the new Arocsis built to protect. In addition to the basics, such as a driver’s airbag and Stability Control Assist, there are measures such as Attention Assist, which monitors your driving and warns you to take a break when it detects signs of fatigue.Various Active Brake Assist options are available dependent on model, delivering complete peace of mind on every journey through evaluating the traffic ahead and monitoring your distance from the vehicle in front.