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Mercedes-Benz eVito

When it comes to business, it’s important to stay mobile while keeping your costs to a minimum. As a fully electric van designed to reduce your carbon footprint and your outgoings, the smart, sophisticated and reliable eVito panel van delivers a highly efficient performance time and time again, optimising power consumption while on the road.

Everything you’d expect from Mercedes-Benz Vans – electrified.

Bringing sustainability, efficiency and functionality to any business fleet, the eVito is ideal for anyone looking to streamline their expenses and stay within budget. Offering everyday practicality, this modern, stylish commercial van has an impressive electric range of up to 93 miles, making it perfectly suitable for urban operations and frequently occurring short trips. While energy is recuperated during deceleration to maximise battery performance, three drive modes optimise electrical consumption.

eVito Trimlines​

PURE - Designed to keep you moving in safety and comfort.

  • Audio 10 infotainment system
  • TEMPMATIC Air Conditioning
  • Heated Drivers seat
  • Comfort (eight-way adjustable) front seats
  • Mercedes PRO connect as standard
  • Heated, electrically adjustable exterior mirrors
  • Wireless tyre pressure monitoring
  • Twin sliding doors
eVito Silver Panel
eVito Steering Wheel

PROGRESSIVE - Includes all the features found on the PURE, with additional spec to build on the styling and drive experience.

  • Audio 15 infotainment system
  • Speed limiter (to 75mph)
  • Colour coded bumpers
  • Electrically folding mirrors
  • Metallic paint
  • Front fog lamps
  • 17-inch full wheel covers
eVito Progressive
eVito Audio 15


Are you #eReady?

We know you will have questions before investing into an electric van, something along the line of, "how much range do I really have?" or "how often will I need to charge it to make sure the battery won't run out?". Well, Mercedes-Benz has developed an eVan Ready app that will help you find the answers.

The eVan Ready app acts like a virtual test drive, simply download on to your mobile and it will automatically record your journeys as you travel around in your existing vehicle. The app will analyse things like distance, driving and braking behaviour, as well as altitude profile of your trip. After calculating virtual range and required battery capacity, the app will then tell you if you can complete the same trip in an eVito.

Quick and easy charging

Whether you’re new to the electric van world or looking to add an efficient model to your electric fleet, the eVito comes with peace of mind. This is because the charging process is quick and easy, with the eVito’s high-voltage battery system charging from 0-100% in around 6 hours using a type II connector with an output of up to 7.4kW.

Free NewMotion Home Fast Smart charge point, worth £549**

The NewMotion Home Fast Smart charge point offers safe and convenient charging. Its power output will be dependent on the grid connections and power available at your premises. It charges at: Up to 7.4 kW† on single-phase grid connections Most UK homes operate on a single-phase grid connection, however NewMotion will be able to confirm your power availability and options available.

**Power output depends on various factors, such as local rules and regulations, the type of vehicle, the mains connection atyour location and theelectricity consumption of your building. Retail customers only. Subject to eligibility. NewMotion Home Fast Smart charge point per eVito, up to a maximum of 25 eVitosper customer/ business. NewMotion Home Fast Smart charge point price includes standard installation and £350 OLEV grant discount. Offer ends 31/12/2020. For full terms and conditions, click here https://bit.ly/2DlAIto

Why switch electric?

Despite what is said about electric vehicles, when you move into the world of electric-powered vans with Mercedes-Benz you can feel reassured it will be seamless. Plus, there are many benefits to switch.


The eVito is as hard working as it is innovative. The electric drive and heating have passed Mercedes-Benz winter test with temperatures as low as -30°C. It also has extensive corrosion protection with a fully galvanised body, allowing it to look good after many years use.


Depending on how you use it, the highly efficient electric drive means the eVito can already match the total cost of ownership of a diesel or petrol van. You can also maximise your cost savings by taking advantage of lower overnight charging costs and by optimising power consumption while driving.


The eVito has the upper hand when it comes to cargo. As the electric drive and batteries are housed in the underbody of the vehicle, they don’t take up any space in the cargo area.

eVito badge

Getting more from your eVito

Many people may think that you will be restricted when it comes to electric vehicles, that is not the story with the eVito. Starting off with the charging, we will work with you to ensure your charging set-up is right for your business. You can choose from a single Wallbox, to a bespoke system for multiple vehicles. Choose from a 4-metre or 8-metre charging cable, whatever makes it easier for you. The eVito also comes with three different driving programs, allowing you to adapt your driving style to maximise your battery range.

Mercedes Pro Connect

The eVito Panel Van comes with Mercedes Pro connect as standard, with many features free for 2 years.

Raise efficiency, improve safety, maximise security and reduce costs - the world’s most intelligent, free* integrated vehicle monitoring software, designed to keep businesses moving.

More efficiency - Assign tasks, track jobs and contact your drivers at the touch of a button. Keep your vans on the road for as long as possible with Optimised Assistance.

More security - Protect your vehicles with theft warning alerts, live locking from your mobile and use geofencing to alert you when your vehicles leave a defined area.

More safety - Keep your drivers safe with Accident & Breakdown Management, hands-free multimedia functions and live traffic information. Monitor driving styles to get a clear picture of your drivers’ performance and reward them for safer, more fuel-efficient driving.

* With the Sprinter and Vito from May 2019 production.

eVito Pro connect
Pro connect mobile



vito dimensions
vito side
vito dimensions

The eVito is available in 2 different lengths - L2 (long wheelbase) and L3 (extra-long wheelbase), making it easier to choose the right one for you and your business. Along with this, the eVito also offers generous payload and range. For more information, request a brochure.

Length Payload (kg) Power (hp) WLTP Range (Combined) Total Length Load Compartment Length*
L2 923 (PURE) 114 93 mi (PURE) 5,140mm 2,831mm
L3 898 (PURE) 114 92 mi (PURE) 5,370mm 3,061mm

*Measured on vehicle floor and includes 370mm for the space beneath the front seats.