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New Mercedes-Benz Actros

Easier and safer to drive, and more capable than ever before, the new Mercedes-Benz Actros is designed to give you the flexibility you need on long haul journeys. From comfort features to fuel economy, improvements have been made across the board to ensure your experience is a pleasant one.

The fifth generation of the new Actros is entirely focused around seven core innovations which make for the ultimate powerhouse of a truck when it comes to comfort, reliability, efficiency and safety. Premiering never before seen technology, as well as enhanced safety features, it’s easy to say the new Actros is the vision of the future.


There are more than ten cabs available, from day cab to high roof sleeper cabs and over 400 paint colours available for the Actros., meaning it can be tailored to your business’ and your drivers’ needs. With two widths and a range of heights, it can be specified with beds for up to two drivers and enough roof space to accommodate your needs. The wide range of paint colours offers plenty of choice when it comes to the backdrop for your signage, and can be applied to the cab in a variety of ways for the best impact.


A choice of four Inline six-cylinder engines is available with the Mercedes-Benz Actros, with displacements of between 7.7-litres and 15.6-litres. Outputs range from 238hp on the OM936 unit to 625hp on the OM473, giving you the versatility you need for the jobs you’re doing. In the second-generation OM471 variant, CO2 emissions have been cut by three tonnes per year, offering you a cleaner and more cost-effective drive.


The new Actros is safer than ever too. With safety features including ABS, Lane Keeping Assist and Stability Control Assist, it takes driver and cargo protection to the next level. Active Brake Assist 4 is now standard on the Actros, and A range of safety packages are also available including Attention Assist, to enhance the drive further.
Mercedes-Benz Actros
Mercedes-Benz Actros Front Interior
Mercedes-Benz Actros Front Exterior

The seven core innovations

Active Brake Assist 5

​This technology has been enhanced to assist the driver in that the system will initiate partial or full emergency braking when approaching both stationary and moving objects. This incredible technology can recognise pedestrians and apply emergency braking under ideal conditions and within the system’s capabilities, consequently mitigating or even preventing accidents entirely. ​

Active Drive Assist

Active Drive Assist, otherwise known as ADA, is a new driving assistance system which helps the driver to maintain lane positioning, as well as keeping a safe distance from the traffic ahead. Particularly designed for lengthy and dreary stretches of driving, this system provides stress-relieving comfort for the driver and enhances safety. Please be aware that ADA is not available on all drive systems.​​


Replacing the conventional wing mirror, the new Actros has the world’s very first MirrorCam in its arsenal.  Significantly improving the driver’s vision with an ideal view rearward and around the area of the A pillar, as well as enhancing safety with features such as automatic panning of the camera image when manoeuvring, turning corners and lane changing, MirrorCam is revolutionary. , and eases driver work load. As well as a fine example of innovation, the aerodynamically designed MirrorCam can cut fuel consumption by up to 1.3%. Please be aware that MirrorCam is not available on all ADR vehicles. ​

Multimedia Cockpit 

The new Actros provides a highly efficient and distinctive driver’s workspace with the innovative Multimedia Cockpit. A high resolution 10” colour display, this replaces conventional instrument cluster, and offers a clearer display of information. It Is supplemented by the Multi-Touch-Display in the same size on the dashboard. Please be aware this is not available on all models. ​

Multimedia Cockpit, interactive

​A magnification of the Multimedia Cockpit, the Multimedia Cockpit, interactive comes with a 12” central display with a choice of two different screen designs, and also includes a navigation system, Traffic Sign Assist and Remote Online for the control of various vehicle functions via your smartphone.

Truck App Portal

The secondary display provides access to the Mercedes-Benz Truck App Portal, where you will find suggested apps designed to improve truck fleet performance by accessing vehicle data in real time. Not only does this make the day-to-day of the driver much easier, but also the productivity of the entire fleet via intelligent networking. ​

Enhanced Predictive Powertrain Control

This sophisticated system permits fuel saving of up to 5% through the operation of the automatic transmission and precisely coordinated shift strategy, with an integrated driving style that is optimised for the type of ground to be covered throughout the driver’s route (through the use of satellites, precise 3D maps and the Traffic Sign Assist Feature.) This technology enables the truck to be perform with the utmost efficiency with less pressure on the driver, and the new extended functions of the Predictive Powertrain Control System allow you to reap its benefits on both A and B Roads.

Mercedes-Benz Actros Steering Wheel

Enhanced Uptime

Mercedes-Benz strive to make the unplanned, planned with enhanced Uptime. The objective is clear, permanently minimise haphazard vehicle downtime, and predicting repairs before they need to be addressed by monitoring truck diagnostics in real time. This results in increased vehicle availability and efficiency for your business.
Mercedes-Benz Actros Tutorials
Service Technicians
White Mercedes-Benz Actros

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How can the new Actros Benefit My Business?

Mercedes-Benz Actros Loading At Docks
Red Mercedes-Benz Actros
Mercedes-Benz Actros Front View