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The New Actros Exclusively From Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz New Actros Tutorials ​

Take a closer look at some of the fascinating functions featured in the New Actros​

There are so many new components to be explored in the New Actros, and with its launch fast approaching, Mercedes-Benz have developed exclusive tutorials of some of this truck's fascinating features. From the pioneering MirrorCam technology, to simply adjusting your seat for optimal driver comfort, you can find all these tips, tricks and how to's right below.

1. MirrorCam In Action

​Driver and pedestrian safety is significantly improved with the reduction of blind spots, trailer tracking and wider angle viewpoints when maneuvering. 

2. MirrorCam Set Up 

This tutorial demonstrates how to set up the MirrorCam system on the New Actros so it can track the rear of the trailer or body, wide angle views and manual adjustments. ​

3. MirrorCam Additional Functions

Learn how to activate MirrorCam from inside the bunk area of the cab of the new Actros, particularly highlighting the system's efficiency in low light conditions.

4. Cockpit Overview​

This tutorial demonstrates an overview of the cockpit inside the New Actros showing its basic functions and controls. ​

5. ​Multimedia Cockpit

This tutorial shows you the interactive functions of the cockpit, demonstrating the new steering wheel touch pads, quick buttons and touch screen​

6. ​Climate Control, Lights & Sat Nav 

You will find a demonstration of how to adjust the climate controls using the multimedia touch screen in this video. Additionally this tutorial shows you how to operate the vehicle's interior and exterior lights including ​the new ambient lighting, as well as a look at the truck specific Tomtom sat nav. 

7. Pairing A Phone 

This video will teach you how to pair a Bluetooth mobile device to the New Actros as well as other functions. You will also learn how to charge your mobile device using the optional induction charger. ​

8. Seat and Steering Wheel Adjustment 

This tutorial will show you the many ways that your seat can be adjusted to ensure the utmost comfort whilst driving, as well as manually adjusting the steering wheel. ​

9. Starting and Driving Away

​This video demonstrates starting the engine with the push button, putting the vehicle into drive and how the new electronic brake system works. 

10. Key Functions 

​This tutorial demonstrates how the key can be used to control the vehicle's central locking , windows, roof hatch and completing your light checks. 

11. Cruise Control Operation

This tutorial demonstrates how to set the cruise control settings using the steering wheel buttons in the new Actros.

12. Proximity Control

​Proximity Control is an extension of cruise control which assists the driver in maintaining a safe distance behind vehicles ahead, helping to improve safety and reduce driver fatigue.

13. Predictive Powertrain Control

​Allow us to show you how PPC or Predictive Powertrain Control uses digital road maps and GPS to automatically adjust cruise control settings to improve fuel economy and reduce driver fatigue.

14. Active Drive Assist 

See how Active Drive Assist (or ADA) uses camera and radar technology to help the driver maintain lane discipline, consequently reducing driver fatigue and improving safety.

Want To Know More? 

If you would like to test these functions out for yourself during a test drive of the New Actros, give us a call for more information on  0330 107 0411​. Alternatively you can submit an enquiry below. 

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