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The Three Pointed Star Is The New way Of Life For Crittall Windows​

Leading steel window manufacturer Crittall Windows took delivery of a high-spec, new generation Actros in October after 20 years of sourcing their trucks from a competitor vehicle manufacturer.

A Chance Encounter

Clive Wrathall, who has worked for Crittall Windows for the last 19 years and drives the new Actros, explained the decision to switch from their long-term vehicle supplier was purely by chance.

Crittall use their trucks to distribute the windows, doors and screens they produce throughout the UK and has roots dating back nearly 200 years. When it was time for a new addition to their fleet, Clive was asked to gather comparative quotes against their current vehicle manufacturer. In what some may call a turn of fate, his search landed him in the company of Orwell Truck & Van Truck Sales Executive Ben Sheldrake discussing the new Actros and its seven core innovations.

Clive says; “Ben spent two to three hours explaining the benefits of the new Actros to me and it enlightened me to the fact that there was a whole new era of trucks out there.”

Clive took an older generation Actros demonstrator vehicle to trial for three days, driving the tractor unit to Scotland for a delivery during which he said he became “sold on the fact Mercedes-Benz Trucks were the way to go;”

“When I last drove a Mercedes-Benz Truck over 25 years ago they didn’t perform as well as other manufacturers. I was really impressed with the Actros and most of all its performance.”

After Clive’s experience with the Actros demonstrator, Ben returned to Crittall Windows head office in Witham (one of three sites) to spec the new truck alongside Clive.

An impressive Spec

The result was an Actros 2545LS with a BigSpace cab fitted with the latest innovations by Mercedes-Benz.These include the world’s very first MirrorCam, which replaces conventional mirrors with cameras, the latest version of safety technology Active Brake Assist – a system which automatically applies partial to full braking where necessary upon detection of objects and now even pedestrians In front of the cab – and the fuel saving, newly enhanced, Predictive Powertrain Control.The Truck certainly looks the part too, with its trademark Crittall logo and brand name strikingly liveried onto full factory metallic paint, topped off with an illuminated three pointed star on the grille.

Whilst Clive was eager to get behind the wheel of the new generation Actros, he was initially apprehensive about MirrorCam technology, an innovation many drivers have struggled to comprehend before experiencing it themselves first hand.

MirrorCam Trumps All

Ben delivered the truck alongside our Handover Specialist Rob Billman, who has helped many customers adjust to the new technology in the new Actros, particularly MirrorCam.

“I took the truck out for its first drive with Rob so he could guide me through how everything works,” says Clive, “and I was in the truck less than five minutes before my doubts about MirrorCam had completely disappeared.

“You can jack-knife the trailer as far left or right as you possibly can and you would never lose sight of the rear end of the trailer. The vision in the rain is second to none compared to regular mirrors as they don’t steam up or get completely covered in rain and spray hampering your vision. When driving at night or when it’s dark there isn’t any glare from other traffic, and you don’t get dazzled by the sun during sunrise.”

Clive expressed his favourability of MirrorCam with joy, and he even enjoys praising the technology to other drivers who are skeptical when the truck receives attention at truck stops and depots.

Optimal Driver Comfort

Part of Clive’s role often involves him staying out in the truck overnight, and he claims the sleeper cab provides exceptional driver comfort.

The cab includes the Mercedes-Benz Comfort Pack which is made up of LED ambient lighting for driving and living, electric sliding and tilting glass sunroof, refrigerator in drawer, a Premium Comfort mattress, shaving mirror and a MirrorCam switch on the bunk – which allows for better security as you can check the surroundings of the trailer from within the cab.

It also boasts a range of in-cab entertainment and interactivity facilities with Apple Car Play, full sound system, wireless phone charging, and the Multimedia Cockpit, Interactive.

An Efficient And Profitable Investment

Along with an unprecedented level of comfort and safety for the driver, the truck has proven to be an efficient and profitable investment for Crittall Windows with its impressive fuel efficiency and helpful built-in navigation system.

“The fuel efficiency is fantastic,” reports Clive, “we’re getting anything from 13mpg to 15mpg compared to the 10mpg-11.5mpg a new vehicle from our previous supplier would have achieved.”

The vehicle also comes with a built-in Tom Tom sat nav system with all height, width and length restricted driving areas programmed in. All you have to do is enter the dimensions of your own vehicle and the system prevents you from entering any restricted zones.

The Future Is Bright With Mercedes-Benz

When asked if he had any more comments he would like to add about the new generation Actros, Clive said;

“I would urge any company or owner-drivers out there to test drive a new Actros before purchasing any new truck. You will be amazed, and if anything like me, you will be purchasing one very soon! Thank you once again to Ben Sheldrake and Rob Billman for all your help in our new venture. Thank you also to my Managing Director Russell Ager, Head of Finance Ryan Browning, and Transport Manager Graham Born, along with the rest of the board members for allowing me the opportunity to spec such a great truck.”

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