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S & B Commercials Supply Goodies For 3 Year Old Roman On A Trip To The Three Rivers Waste Refuse Depot!

Bin Lorry Mad

Every week, three-year-old Roman Matthews, who lives in Mill End, waits and talks to the refuse collectors. They always stop and chat to him; this is the highlight of his week says his mum, Bethany.

Last year the kind-hearted bin men celebrated his birthday by buying him a bright orange toy bin lorry which Bethany says hasn’t left his side. They also gave him a hi-vis vest with Boss written on the back and promised him a visit to the depot once the new fleet of bin Lorries arrived.

The New Fleet In The Flesh

In late February, Roman was invited to the depot and was so excited that he could not speak. He donned his hi-vis jacket and arrived at the depot to receive more presents, this time from S&B Commercials and Mercedes-Benz. One of these was a replica of the new Lorries that had just been delivered to the depot. Roman, with his mum and dad, then had a ride in the new lorry.

Roman’s mum and dad thanked all the Three Rivers District Council workers for the special invitation and for making Roman’s day. She added: “Roman gets very excited when he can hear the refuse lorry pulling up and always goes out to greet the men. He’s seen the new collection vehicles and thinks they are amazing.

Roman’s Granddad said: “Thanks for what you all have done for my grandson; he loved it all.”

Malcolm Clarke, Waste and Environment Manager, said: “We are delighted that Roman thinks so highly of our team members and gets so much pleasure from seeing them at work. Our crews do such a splendid job regardless of adverse weather conditions.”

Councillor Alex Michaels, Lead member of environment, said: “We are very proud of our crew and this demonstrates just how much they care about our community. I am glad we have invested in updating a number of our vehicles as this will ensure we continue to provide an excellent service for all our residents.”

Roman At Three Rivers Depot